Monday, March 28, 2011

Use of good phrases for picture discussion

This picture depicts a scene of a bustling shopping mall. This could probably be a weekend or a public holiday as it is teeming with people.

Outside the toy shop on the left of the picture, there is a boy throwing a tantrum and bawling his eyes out. He is pointing towards a toy in the window display. I think he desperately wants the toy and will resort to depths of humiliation to get it. I can see that he is very upset from his tear-stained face and I believe that he must be crying hysterically to embarrass his mother. If I were in his shoes, I would not cry in public as I personally find it a disgrace and it can be quite childish too.

There is an immaculately-dressed lady in long-sleeved blouse, pencil-lined skirt and stilettos. She hung her hair in short tresses and stood with one of her arms akimbo. Her furrowed eyebrows seem to indicate great displeasure at the boy’s immature and spoilt behaviour. I presume that they are mother and son. I think that the mother should have exercised more control over her spoilt child and I believe she should be very humiliated by his ludicrous behaviour.