Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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The Last Note

Dearest 6Graciousness,
Tomorrow shall be the last day that we will meet as a class and it is also a day filled with apprehension for us. We have worked so hard… come so far and of course, all of us hope that the results will show. Maybe one day when you look back, you will see that PSLE is the toughest examination of your life. Maybe one day, you will look back and reminisce the days being buried under tons of practice papers. Whichever memory you will have in the future, I hope you will remember your primary school days as well the friendships that you had forged here.
River Valley Primary will be a part of your memory from today onwards and I do hope that you will make the effort to maintain the friendships you have with your primary schoolmates.
Secondary school days are no doubt exciting and filled with lots of fun activities, more freedom and like-minded friends. While you are out exploring another stage of your life, do not forget the life lessons River Valley Primary had taught you.
Do not be easily influenced by friends in secondary school. Learn to protect yourself. Focus on your studies. Remember, the importance of consistent work and that has to start as early as secondary one. Do not play all day long and waste your youth away.
I shall not nag any longer… after all; you have heard my naggings for so long. I hope the naggings did get to you somehow. Hold fast to your dreams and do not compromise on your values. Grow up to be useful citizens and be compassionate towards the less fortunate. There is more to this world than just academic studies.
All the best for your future and may you enjoy this e-scrapbook that I prepared for you. J
Spoilt Recorder

Monday, October 10, 2011

11 October 2011

Dear Class,
  1. Please be serious in designing posters and bookmarks for the children in the homes in Malacca. You also will not want to receive an ugly poster or bookmark. Put in some effort to do a good job. A little task to you may mean the world to them.
  2. Plan something feasible for RV Idol.
  3. Submit Malacca trip forms to Ms Wong, include photocopy of passport
  4. Refer to table in earlier post for today's work

Mini Project (To be done at home)
Research on the origins of the streets around RV. Bridges as well.
- Include its past uses and its current use
- How the street name came about
- Will you change the street name now given the new developments around the area? If yes, what   
   name will it be and why? If no, why?
- Reg No. 1 and 22 will do 1) Kim Seng Road , Reg. No. 2 and 23 will do 2) Jiak Kim Road and Reg No. 3 and 24 will do 3) Mohamad Sultan Road and so  on... Hence, do individual research at home.

- Check reliability of source. Please do not lift from anywhere... if you lifted, you must quote the source.

1) Kim Seng Road
2) Jiak Kim Road
3) Mohammad Sultan Road
4) Saiboo Street
5) Arnasalam Chetty Road
6) Robertson Quay
7) Rodyk Street
8) Hoot Kiam Road
9) Kay Poh Road
10) Irwell Bank Road
11) Kim Seng Bridge
12) Jiak Kim Bridge
13) Robertson Bridge
14) Pulau Saiboo Bridge
15) Alkaff Bridge
16) Clemenceau Bridge
17) Kim Yam Road
18) Havelock Road
19) Ord Bridge
20) Magazine Road
21) Outram Road

There are information online or in the library. Search for this term"toponymics" in NLB catalogue and you may want to borrow the book. Do research on them at your free time at home. Don't spend your entire day playing games only.
Deadline: 16 October 2011
Do email me your findings.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

1) Show Ms Wong your signed report book
2) Return IRead Books.
3) Please donate books (simple ones to novels) for children in Malacca - ensure that books are in   
    good condition

Monday 10 October

Activity / Assignment
Tr who relief
1030h – 1100h
Proceed to the hall for briefing on RV Idol

1100h – 1230h
- Design posters/ bookmarks for Malacca Service Learning trip.
- A3 Educational Posters (Group work)
- Bookmarks measuring 5cm by 12cm.


Some ideas for the posters:

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Activity / Assignment
Tr who relief
0830h – 1000h
Preparation for RV Idol
-          Discussion

Visit to the school library
- Borrow EL and CL books
- You may read there

1230h – 1330h
- Design posters/ bookmarks for 
Malacca Service Learning trip.
- A3 Educational Posters each
-   Bookmarks measuring 5cm by 12cm.


 Brainstorming session:
- Activities you can do with the students there
- Duration: 2h
- Language is a barrier; activities cannot have too many sets of instructions
- Examples of activities: Origami, craftwork, teaching of simple EL

Wednesday 13 October 2011

Activity / Assignment
Tr who relief
0730h – 0930h
-          P6 Transition Talk

1130h – 1200h
-          P6 Transition Talk


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Science Applications Set B

Yes. Like poles of a magnet repels. The like pole of the magnet must be facing the like pole of the rod. Only a magnet can repel another magnet.

Heating a magnet causes it to demagnetize. When the rod is heated, it gradually becomes less strong. The repulsion is no longer as great as before do it moves towards the magnet.

When explaining, always try to give :
(1) comparison, if there is
(2) relevant concept
(3) link back to the question

Released – Bulb B lit up
Pushed – Bulb A lit up

Bulb A is brighter. The circuit that bulb A is in has 3 batteries in series thus more electricity is flowing through it. There are only 1 battery in the circuit for Bulb B.

When the salt water is heated by the sun, the water evaporated and becomes water vapour. The water vapour rises and comes into contact with the cooler aluminium foil. It loses heat and condenses into water droplets. The water droplets would then slide down the aluminium foil into the part that collects drinkable water.

Set up B. Water vapour can condense on 2 surfaces instead of 1 in set up A. With more condensation, more water can be collected more quickly.

Liquid à Gas à Liquid

The water in wet substance P evaporated the water vapour rises to touch the cooler dry cloth. It then loses heat and condenses back into water making the cloth damp.

Some of the heat in the surrounding air was lost to the water in wet substance P causing the water to evaporate. With less heat, the temperature in set up A drops.

Draw some tiny water droplets onto the top surface of the mineral water bottle.

i) lungs
ii) diaphragm

The balloon will inflate.

When the plunger is pulled back, air from the surroundings is drawn into the balloon causing it to inflate.

Draw the line below that a leaf A from the same starting point.

i) Exchange of gases could not take place as the stomata were also blocked by the oil.

ii) The plant was not able to get rid of excessive water through the stomata.

6g per m2

Too much fertilizer can cause the weight of the vegetables to become less. Too much fertilizer will affect the growth of vegetables negatively.

P has the shortest bar. Followed by R and Q.


The water in R that evaporated could escape through the opening. However the water that evaporated in Q could not escape. Thus rate of evaporation would be lower in Q so there is more water left.

Fish S. Its outer covering is not able to help the fish camouflage itself from being spotted by predators amongst the water plants. R has spots and T has spots and stripes which can help them blend in with the surroundings.

The box has wheels which help to reduce friction with the table top thus less force is needed to move the box and the iron block.


Mrs Lim

Mrs Lim’s bamboo pole holders are not covered. Thus when it rained, some water may be collected inside the pole which can become good breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

No. She is testing the number of batteries, but she did not change the number of batteries in her set up. Her experimental set up does not support her aim.

Chemical energy à electrical energy à kinetic energy à sound energy

As a 2cm ring was cut, the xylem was also removed. Water cannot be transported to the leaves above B so they cannot make food. Thus they to wither and droop.

The leaves between Part A and B could get water to make food. Since a 2cm ring was cut at B, food from the leaves cannot be transported upwards. So the food is transported downwards and stored in X making it heavier.

When water drips into the cup, it becomes heavier until it moves downwards. When this happens, the rod would move upwards and hit against the wooden block. At the bottom, when the water flows out of the cup, it becomes lighter again so the rod moves up, back to the original position. It starts all over again.

More clicks will be heard.

More clicks will be heard. If the rod was fixed at B, the distance between the fulcrum and the effort is longer so less effort is needed, thus the cup will fill and refill more quickly.

This is part of simple machines which is not tested anymore.
The size of the cage

Ladybird Q. The decrease of both aphid A and B was the greatest when Q was introduced into the cage.