Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Last Note

Dearest 6Graciousness,
Tomorrow shall be the last day that we will meet as a class and it is also a day filled with apprehension for us. We have worked so hard… come so far and of course, all of us hope that the results will show. Maybe one day when you look back, you will see that PSLE is the toughest examination of your life. Maybe one day, you will look back and reminisce the days being buried under tons of practice papers. Whichever memory you will have in the future, I hope you will remember your primary school days as well the friendships that you had forged here.
River Valley Primary will be a part of your memory from today onwards and I do hope that you will make the effort to maintain the friendships you have with your primary schoolmates.
Secondary school days are no doubt exciting and filled with lots of fun activities, more freedom and like-minded friends. While you are out exploring another stage of your life, do not forget the life lessons River Valley Primary had taught you.
Do not be easily influenced by friends in secondary school. Learn to protect yourself. Focus on your studies. Remember, the importance of consistent work and that has to start as early as secondary one. Do not play all day long and waste your youth away.
I shall not nag any longer… after all; you have heard my naggings for so long. I hope the naggings did get to you somehow. Hold fast to your dreams and do not compromise on your values. Grow up to be useful citizens and be compassionate towards the less fortunate. There is more to this world than just academic studies.
All the best for your future and may you enjoy this e-scrapbook that I prepared for you. J
Spoilt Recorder

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