Monday, October 10, 2011

11 October 2011

Dear Class,
  1. Please be serious in designing posters and bookmarks for the children in the homes in Malacca. You also will not want to receive an ugly poster or bookmark. Put in some effort to do a good job. A little task to you may mean the world to them.
  2. Plan something feasible for RV Idol.
  3. Submit Malacca trip forms to Ms Wong, include photocopy of passport
  4. Refer to table in earlier post for today's work

Mini Project (To be done at home)
Research on the origins of the streets around RV. Bridges as well.
- Include its past uses and its current use
- How the street name came about
- Will you change the street name now given the new developments around the area? If yes, what   
   name will it be and why? If no, why?
- Reg No. 1 and 22 will do 1) Kim Seng Road , Reg. No. 2 and 23 will do 2) Jiak Kim Road and Reg No. 3 and 24 will do 3) Mohamad Sultan Road and so  on... Hence, do individual research at home.

- Check reliability of source. Please do not lift from anywhere... if you lifted, you must quote the source.

1) Kim Seng Road
2) Jiak Kim Road
3) Mohammad Sultan Road
4) Saiboo Street
5) Arnasalam Chetty Road
6) Robertson Quay
7) Rodyk Street
8) Hoot Kiam Road
9) Kay Poh Road
10) Irwell Bank Road
11) Kim Seng Bridge
12) Jiak Kim Bridge
13) Robertson Bridge
14) Pulau Saiboo Bridge
15) Alkaff Bridge
16) Clemenceau Bridge
17) Kim Yam Road
18) Havelock Road
19) Ord Bridge
20) Magazine Road
21) Outram Road

There are information online or in the library. Search for this term"toponymics" in NLB catalogue and you may want to borrow the book. Do research on them at your free time at home. Don't spend your entire day playing games only.
Deadline: 16 October 2011
Do email me your findings.

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