Monday, June 20, 2011

Picture Discussion

This picture depicts a scene at the void deck of a Housing Development Board flat. The place seems to be deserted. I believe that it is during working hours and most people are at work or in school. The fa├žade of the flat is quite ordinary-looking and not aesthetically-pleasing. I think that this could be an old estate as newer estates have glass facades with roof gardens. However, the estate is rather clean and well-maintained. Personally I feel that the cleaners and the residents have done a good job and we should learn from them.

On the second level of the flat, a man clad in white shirt with curly hair is smiling from ear to ear, showing his pearly white teeth. His hands are stretched out in front of him and he nonchalantly dropped a pot of flowers onto the ground. I think he is very inconsiderate as he can probably hurt someone. In my opinion, he does not look very sane to me or he probably finds a lot of joy in scaring others. This is dangerous and I think his family members should keep a close eye on him.

There is a father and son at the void deck. The father is casually dressed in shirt and pants while the son is dressed in a crew-neck t-shirt and shorts. I think they are residents in the estate and they just happen to walk past. The father looks stupefied and the little boy cowers behind his father in fear. I think they are shocked by the flower pot being smashed into smithereens in front of them. If I were them, I would also be appalled as the flower pot just dropped centimetres away from me. I think the father should turn and give the man a good look so as to visually capture his salient features. That will aid in police investigations later.

A stone’s throw away, there are two immaculately dressed policemen on patrol. One of them pointed at the man who threw the flower pot and ordered him sternly to stop what he was doing. His colleague seems unaware of what he is doing. On his face is a look of bewilderment and confusion. I think they probably witnessed the whole incident and they caught the perpetrator red-handed. I feel that the police should be more vigilant and step up on the security in the area. I hope that the perpetrator will be apprehended on the spot and put away in jail.

In conclusion, killer litter can be a serious offence and can often be fatal. As innocent people are involved, I hope that there will be less killer litter by spreading the awareness of the severity of killer litter. After all, we should not harm others and should be considerate when living together in a community.