Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Graciousness CIP on 25 February 2011

Waiting for the elderly to come...

A handshake to be friends...

Would you like some food?

Food! Food! Food!

The tower shall not topple

Fishing for plasticine

I can aim pretty well...

That is how you should do it...

Do it with patience and a SMILE! :)

Our singers

Did you enjoy yourself? Why and why not?
 If there's one area that you can change for the CIP, what would that be?



  1. I enjoyed myself as I saw many elderly with happy faces after they went away with our prizes.

    I would bring more prizes as we were short of prizes as we did not expect so many people coming.

  2. I enjoyed myself as the CIP was a success and I feel that the elderlies all enjoyed themselves too. It was a great chance to interact with the and I hope there will be more of these CIPs.

    I would create another stack of jenga block as the jengas kept falling over and it would be much faster if there was another stack of jengas.

    Yuki Ling

  3. Yes, I enjoyed myself. It was quite fun to mann the game stall and I think the singers sang pretty well too. I also think the elderlies were relatively happy and I am sure they enjoyed themselves as much as I have.

    I would prepare more prizes as we did not have enough then, and some people had fewer things than others.

  4. Yes, I had enjoyed myself.I felt a kind of satisfication when I saw how happy the ederly were when they were playing with us.

    I would change the game to a more interesting game as i think the elderly might not be that interested in our game.

  5. Yes, I enjoyed myself. I felt that I really had fun serving and helping the elderlies and the others. Everything went smoothly and successfully with the elderlies having wide smiles on their faces eating, playing the games and getting prizes.

    I would bring sufficient number of small plastic bags for the elderlies because either the students or the elderlies would carry the whole lot of prizes on their hands and it was inconvenient. Thus, the plastic bags would help a lot. :)

  6. Yes, I enjoyed myself a lot. I could sing on stage and manage the game station. I was the one picking up the bullets of the nerf gun.

    My groupmate had dumped the nerf bullets on the floor and I had to bend down and pick them up.

  7. Yes, I really enjoyed myself. I felt very happy when I saw the smiles on the faces of the elderly. Even though I had to keep running here and there to catch the balls, it was worth it.

    I might make the game easier by letting them use bigger balls (for the bowling game) so that it's easier for them to knock the pins down, or make it easier for them to get the better prizes.

  8. Yes, I enjoyed myself. I had fun there! The elderlies were friendly and had smile on their faces after they played the games! That is the best part!

    If I could change something, I would change the game because my group members noticed that the elderlies are not able to bend a lot so they could not play the marble-shooting.