Thursday, January 27, 2011

Writing Introductions


Dark gloomy clouds enveloped the sky and threw the city into a darkened and gloomy state. Heavy droplets hung by the edges of the overcast sky, getting all ready to drench the city with their bodies.


"Are you all right? Can you hear me? Someone! Call the ambulance!" The man in striped shirt called out frantically. He tapped furiously on my shoulders. I tried to focus on his anxious eyes. In it, I saw fear... his voice was filled with distress as he continued to call out in great desperation for an ambulance. His voice then trails off...his eyes were blurred. I could not focus anymore... I could not hear...

I always believed that danger lurks in all corners of the world, be it in the comfy of your home, on your bed or even by doing nothing. That day the accident happened, I was just standing by the roadside, watching the cars whizz past.

25 May 1999 is a day that is deeply etched in my mind. Like the quick snap of my fingers, my life was changed and my world turned topsy-turvy.

Based on the four examples provided, write on foolscap, four different introductions on "Trapped in a Lift".

This task is to be submitted on 1 February 2011.  


  1. I thought the 1st heading should be 'The Setting' instead of 'The Accident'... 'The Accident should be the title of the whole passage.

  2. 'watching the cars whizzed past' should be 'watching the cars whizz past' correct me if I am wrong.