Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food for Thought

What features should be incorporated in the design of a new currency for the 21st century?
  • What about the themes of the 21st century series?
  • Will you come up with a different series?
  • Will you still use a Portrait series but featuring another prominent Singapore figure?


  1. I will come up with a different series. (Food series)
    I will not use a Portrait series and not featuring another prominent Singapore figure. The themes of the 21st century series are Hainanese Chicken Rice for $2; Bak Kut Teh for $5; Laksa for $10; Roti Prata for $50; Popiah for $100; Fried Carrot Cake for $500; Mee Siam for $1000; Rojak for $10000

  2. I will come up with a different series which is the food series. I will not use a Portrait series and not featuring another prominent Singapore figure. The themes that I will use are egg prata for $2; Katong Laksa for $5; Rojak for $10; Hor Fun for $50; Char Kuay Teow for $100; Durian for $500; XO Fish Head Bee Hoon for $1000; Curry Fish Head for $10000.

  3. I will still use the portrait series, but with different people inside it.
    Every coin or note except for five cents and ten cents will have the picture of David Marshall, Devan Nair, Lee Kuan Yew, Eddie Barker, Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Lim Kim San, Ong Pang Boon, Toh Chin Chye or Othman Wok. As for the five and ten cent coins, I will just put a nice orchid or a big, bold number ten/five on it.

  4. I will come up with a different series but unlike the other posts, it would not be a food series but one on technology! Since modern technology is improving by leaps and bounds, why not use something like an apple iphone? (on second thoughts, it would be against copyright) Ok, maybe something Singapore had invented? Or stuff that we use daily? Like phones, computers, microwaves, television, et cetera.

  5. I will come up with a different series on our famous tourist attractions as there are many places that are growing . I would put Chinatown on the $2 note , Haw Par Villa on the $5 note , Singapore Night Safari on the $10 note , Singapore Zoo on the $20 note , Singapore Arts Museum on the $50 note , Singapore Casino Resort on the $100 note , Juron Bird Park on the $500 note , Singapore Flyer on the $1000 note and Marina Bay Sands on the $10000 note .

  6. For the 21st Century series, I would do a "Tourist Attractions" series. It would really represent Singapore a lot. Marina Bay Sands for $2; Sentosa for $5; Little India for $10; Changi Airport for $100; Chinatown for $1000; Harbour Front for $10000. If I had to do another portrait series, I would use all our past and present presidents and prime ministers, so younger generation can learn the history of Singapore.


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  8. For the 21st century series, I would do a law series. Since Singapore is prominent for our strict laws, why not imprint the laws on the notes? It will be very unique. No littering for $2 notes; No eating or drinking in public transport for $5 notes; No smoking in public places for $10 notes; No rushing red lights for $50 notes; No shoplifting for $100 notes; No drink-driving for $1000 notes; No terrorism for $10000 notes. If I had to do another portrait series, I will imprint the picture of Lee Kuan Yew, the man who built our nation.

  9. I would do a different series for the 21st century series.I would do a "places of interest"series as people from all over the world would come to Singapore to visit these places.Chinatown-$2;Universal Studios-$5;Singapore's Ferris Wheel-$10;Esplanade-$50;Marina Bay Sands-$100;Singapore National Musuem-$10000.If i had to do another portrait series,I would imprint all the ministers and presidents face on it so as to thank them for what they did to build our nation.

  10. I would use the food series instead of the portrait series. The larger the amount of money, the tastier the food Vegetables for $2, porridge for $5, potato chips for $10, French fries and hamburgers for $50, fish and chips for $100, ,sushi and ramen for $1000, and shark's fin soup for $10000

  11. I would use an animal series as I think there are a lot of pet lovers all around. The pictures will not be placed according to anything. They will just be placed randomly. Like $2 is a bird, $5 is a cat, $10 is a dog, $50 is a hamster, $100 is a rabbit, $1000 is a guinea pig and $10000 is a fish.

    Yuki Ling

  12. I would do a series on moral values, so as to not let the future generation of Singaporeans forget their purpose in this world. For example, Integrity for $2, Filial Piety for $5, Compassion for $10, Graciousness for $50, Diligence for $100 and lastly, Responsibility for $1000.

  13. I would still do Potrait series. Since Singapore had gone though a lot during the war times, why not we put the pictures of Singapore's Pioneers and Heroes, to show other countries and different generations about who were the ones who fought for Sngapore. For example,Miss Elizabeth Choy for $2,Mr Lim Bo Seng for $5, Mr Tan Tock Seng for $10, Mr Yusof Bin Ishak for $50, Lieutenant Adnan Bin Saidi for $100 and Mr Lee Kuan Yew for $1000.

  14. I will have a "Places of Interest" theme to attract tourist. Another reason is that we would be able to see our beautiful tourist's attraction whenever they use the notes.
    $2 - Chinatown
    $5 - Esplanade
    $10 - Sentosa
    $50 - Singapore Flyer
    $100 - Universal Studios
    $1,000 - Marina Bay Sands
    $10,000 - Merlion

    If I use the portrait series, I would probably feature Lee Kuan Yew and other important people who helped Singapore develop from a fishing village to what it is today.

  15. I would do a series on mechanics as I think it would look cool on the notes.Also it shows how well developed Singapore is.Bicycle for $2,motorcycle for $5,car for $10,aeroplane for $50,submarine for $100,helicopter for $1000 and jets for $10000!

  16. I will come up with a series of people in a family.

  17. I will not use a Portrait series featuring another prominent Singapore figure. I will come up with a transportation series, which is very important to our daily lives.
    $1000-sports car
    $10000-Airbus A380

  18. Technology. That is what I think the notes should be. Social communication now plays a big part in our lives. Instead of the Potrait series, the Technology series should take over instead. Maybe:
    $2- Communication
    $5- Entertainment
    $10- Social Networking
    $50- Transportation
    $100- Military Technology
    $1000- Economical Dealing
    $10,000- Civil Defence

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  20. I would come up with a different series of notes. Its main theme would be “technology”. I chose this theme as technology is very advanced, and it shows that Singapore is growing rapidly.
    $2- a picture of a satellite (in dark blue)
    $5- an environmentally friendly nuclear power station (in green)
    $10- pictures of buildings having solar panels at the roof (in yellow)
    $50- include Lee Kuan Yew pressing on a button that reads ‘build 2050’ (in red)
    $100- a picture of many Singaporeans on an island (in orange)
    $1000- Nine different weapons which are very powerful (in white)
    $10,000- an underwater city (in purple)
    I hope Singapore would continue to grow as the years pass.

  21. I would come up with a "Representing Singapore" theme. All the coins will have Lee Kuan Yew's face as he is the father of Singapore. As for the notes...
    $2- Orchid
    $5- Merlion
    $10- Delicacies
    $50- Technology
    $100- Esplanade
    $1000- Racial Harmony
    $10000- the people who helped to build Singapore
    If I must continue the Portrait series, I would put all the prominent people who built Singapore to what it is now on the notes, with Lee Kuan Yew on the $10000 note.

  22. I will use a Friendship series as it is important for Singapore to build good relationships with other countries. I will not use another portrait series as people will get tired seeing a face every day.

  23. I would suggest a theme featuring the different festivals which we celebrate here in Singapore. I will not use another portrait series as I would prefer to have something different. We could feature for example:

    $2-Chinese New Year
    $5-Hari Raya Puasa/Hari Raya Haji
    $100-Mid-Autumn Festival
    $1000-Labour Day
    $10000-National Day

    This would show the multi-cutural and multi-racial side of Singapore.

  24. I will use future technologies as the theme for 21st century as the series. If I can use another portrait series, I will illustrate all the prominent figures on the notes so it might look more creative.

    $2-A tree beside every road (even along highways)
    $5-Solar-paneled on every building of the city (top view)
    $10-Floating vehicles
    $50-Air-touch phone
    $100-Robotic helpers for all the disabled
    $1000-Visual-transporter sun glasses (enables anyone to 'travel' around another replica of the world within a sun glasses)
    $10000-A device that enables a disabled to 'tell' a person what he/she is trying to say by the device reading his or her mind.

  25. I will use important laws of Singapore to as the theme for the 21st century as the series. I would still use the portrait series and I might feature perhaps a group of prominent figures like the people who build the nation of Singapore.
    For the notes:
    $2- No spitting in public areas
    $5- No smoking in prohibited areas
    $10- No speed-driving
    $50- No drink-driving
    $100- No plucking of any plants in reserves and parks
    $1000- No stealing
    $10000- No violating of laws

  26. I think that our next currency series should be the "Integrated Resort" series, showing pictures of Universal Studios Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, the Art and Science Museum and many more. My reason for choosing this is because the spotlight of Singapore is mainly on these places, and in the present, people who see these places will definitely know that they are from Singapore. Once, I went to Marina Bay Link Mall together with my family. There, we walked to a place by the Singapore River where i saw for myself the breathtaking view from below for my very first time! As it was at night, the lights were beautiful against the darker sky.
    I feel very proud for Singapore's big change from a small fishing village to a cosmopolitan city. Thus, I hope that we can show this change by printing it as our next currency series.

  27. I will come up with a different series which is the festival series because i think that we should know the importance of celebreating different festivals. The themes that I will use are:
    $2- Friendship Day
    $5- Deepavali
    $10- Hari Raya Puasa
    $50- Chinese New Year
    $100- Christmas
    $1000- New Year's Eve
    $10000- National Day

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  29. I think science and environment would be a great idea. Singapore has progressed rapidly over the years in terms of our technology,like the introduction of Newater and the Marina Barrage Solar Park. I would still use the Portrait series, but with Singapore's Founding Fathers on it( Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye etc.)

    $2: Marina Barrage
    $5: Solar Park
    $10: Newater
    $50: Biopolis and Fusionopolis
    $100: Gardens By The Bay
    $1000: CNG Cars
    $10000: High speed broadband infrastructure

  30. I will not use the portrait series but the people of the past as we should remember who created Singapore, our home.There should not only be Yusof Ishak on the note, but other people like David Marshall, Lee Kwan Yew etc.

    The themes are:
    $5-Goh Chok Tong
    $10-Goh Keng Swee
    $50-Kwa Geok Choo
    $100-David Marshall
    $1000-Lee Hsien Long
    $10000-Lee Kuan Yew