Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's in a Panda Name?

Pandas' names were specially chosen to provide greater bilateral ties between countries as mentioned in the newspaper articles read today.

Few questions to reflect about:
1) What gifts will you give/loan to other countries to build trading relations and why?
2) What do you think of the names "Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia"? What names would you give them if you were to take part in the naming contest?


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  2. 1) I would give them animals, one male and one female as it can show that we can work together regardless of the gender and who we are.

    2)I think that ''Kai Kai'' can mean ''Kai Xin'' which means happy and ''Jia Jia'' can mean family, so it can mean happy family.I would name them ''Hou Hou'' and ''Bao Bao'' as they means thick and thin, so I think it can mean we will go through thick and thin together.

  3. 1) I would give them a dog as dogs are loyal, friendly and outgoing and by giving a dog to them is to show that we will be loyal to each other and that we will be friendly so as to work with each other.

    2) I think that Kai Kai and Jia Jia are perfect names for the pandas. Kai can stand for Kai Lang which means cheerful and happy while Jia can stand for the best too . 开佳 . I would name the pandas Kang Kang and Jia Jia which stands for generous and excellent. (慷嘉).


  4. 1) I would give them a pair of animals that are special and valuable to Singapore. By doing so, it means that you are entrusting something that is important to you to others. In other words, when you trust another country, in the mean time you are also building trading relations.

    2) I think that "kai kai" and "jia jia" means a happy family. I think it means that China and Singapore will build a trading relation togetheror a "family". I would name the two pandas "shuang shuang" and "le le". It means that both countries will work together happily. :)

  5. 1)I would give them the seeds of our orchid species, symbolising that trade relations between the two countries will bloom, flower and bear fruits of mutual harmony.

    2)I think that 'Kai Kai' and 'Jia Jia' are apt as names for these two pandas as they represent the victorious, fine and beautiful relationship between our nation and China. I would give the names 'Shi Shi' and 'Ping Ping', which mean world peace.

  6. 1) I would give them a pair of animals as it shows that I trust that they will take good care of our animals. Then, they might entrust bigger things for us to take care for.

    2) I think Kai Kai and Jia Jia are very special and meaningful names.
    If I were to take part in the naming contest, I will name the pandas, "Rong Rong" and "Xing Xing". This means that it is our glory to have these pandas.

    Yuki Ling

  7. 1) I would give them a lion as lions symbolise Singapore- a lion city, and I want our countries to have a strong bonding like how strong a lion is.

    2) I think that "Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" mean happy family and maybe China wants to have a beautiful, strong and happy bonding with Singapore thus the names. If I were to take part in a naming contest, I would name the pandas "He He" and "Ping Ping" to symbolise peaceful mutual relationships among both countries.

  8. 1) I would give them dolphins as dolphins are amiable and friendly in nature and hope that our country and the other country can build better bilateral ties with each other in which is friendly.

    2)I wold name them "ai ai"and "xue xue" as it means blood and love in chinese and i hope that both our country and the other can be like blood-related brothers and love each other.

  9. 1) I would give them a model of an airplane to show that we welcome them to trade with us and show that we accept all trades, as if the airplane is a trade and we are the airport.

    2)I think that "Kai Kai" means open and "Jia Jia" means family, together they will mean an open family, treating each country like 'family'.I would name the pandas "Shun Shun" and "Li Li".

  10. I will give other countries our Singapore orchids. It is our national flower and they are very beautiful.
    I think that the names "Kai Kai(凯凯)"and"Jia Jia (嘉嘉)" are a good name for the panda as it really reflects Singapore. The word "Kai" means victorious. From a small little red dot, we have developed into a well-developed country.
    If I were to take part in the naming contest, I will give the names "You You(友友)"and"Yi Yi(谊谊)" which means friendship that symbolizes the friendship between China and Singapore. If it is read phonetically, it sounds like 有意义, means there is a significance.

  11. 1)I would give them Eagles as it symbolises courage, and the freedom to spread its wings to soar, and that they will continue to flourish and grow. It will also mean that we are free to trade and collaborate with each other.

    2)In my opinion, "Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" means unity and working together towards prosperity. I would name the pandas "Chang Chang" and "Jiu Jiu" which means having a long-lasting relationship.

  12. 1) I would give them a sculpture of a tiger, as tigers are brave and not afraid to face challenges. They are able to overcome difficulties too.The two countries will work together to solve problems.
    2)"Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" seem to mean something like good brotherhood. Both countries will hope to strengthen their bilateral ties, and by doing that, we forge an ever-lasting bond with each other, like brothers.

  13. I would give them a few wolves as they work together for food, just like Singapore working with them, which symbolizes synergy as we work through blood, sweat and tears to get through challenging problems.

    2)"Kai Kai" means happy and "Jia Jia" means family.If they are put together, they would be Happy Family. I would give them names like "Yi Yi" and "Qi Qi" which means together.

  14. I would name them "Cheng Cheng" and "Jiu Jiu" as both countries hope to have success in their relations.

  15. 1) We should give China some of our Singapore orchids. The orchids are Singapore's national flower and it represents Singapore. Not only so, it is pleasant smelling and it is a beauty to the eyes.
    2)"Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" means to be a victorious and triumphant home. I would give the pandas the names of "Xi Xi" and "Le Le" which means joyous so China and Singapore would be forever joyful.

  16. 1) I would give China a sculpture of our Merlion as it is a symbol of Singapore. We could even lend them our own Merlion, maybe the one on Mount Faber. It shows that we trust them, which will strengthen our ties.

    2) I find the name Kai Kai and Jia Jia very meaningful as Kai Kai can mean "kai xin" which means we work together happily. Jia Jia can mean "family" which means we are one big family and should trust each other, and work together peacefully.
    I would name the pandas "You You" and "Xin Xin". "You You" is "peng you", which means friends. China and Singapore should be close friends and have strong bonds. "Xin Xin" is "xiang xin" which means trust. We should trust each other and together we can achieve lots.


  17. 1) We should give something that can symbolise Singapore probably something to do with our Merlion or perhaps the Vanda Miss Joaquim, our national flower as just looking at it, the first thought that comes to people's mind would most probably Singapore. Not only that, Vanda Miss Joaquim is also a beautiful flower.

    2) In my opinion, "Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" means a happy family. Personally, I would name the pandas "He He" and "Ping Ping" 和平 which symbolises peace between both countries.

  18. 1)I think that we should give something like perhaps a lion and a tiger as they are on our $1 coins and it is also meaningful as it proves that we had been merged with Malaysia before.
    2)Both "Kai Kai" and 'Jia Jia" means a happy family or , a family with no troubles , leading a blissful life . I would name the pandas "Ping Ping " and "An An " as they would mean for the country to be safe . 平安无事
    Koh Tiak Howe

  19. 1) I would probably give an orchid to the country as it is Singapore's national flower and it symbolises us.

    2) ''Kai Kai'' means victorious and ''Jia Jia'' means beautiful,so I think it means a beautiful and victorious country.I would name the pandas ''Kai Kai'' and ''Xin Xin'',so when they are put together it means happiness.

  20. 1)I would give a pair of lions as it reprsents Singapore, the Lion City.

    2)In my opinion,I think "Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" represents the victorious and harmonious relationship between Singapore and China. I would name them "He He" and "Xie Xie", which displays the harmony between us and China.

  21. 1)I would give them a sculpture of a lion. It symbolises Singapore.

    2)"Kai Kai" and "Jia Jia" could mean happiness and family. I would name them "You You" and "He He", which means friendly and good relationship or harmony.

  22. 1)I would give a pair of lions to China as they symbolise the lion city. They also hunt in prides and share their prey among themselves. This conveys the message of Singapore and China trading with each other and building our economy together.
    2)I think the names of Kai Kai(凯凯) and Jia Jia(佳佳) is good as they mean victory, success and being nice and fine and all. If I give them names, I would give He He(和和) and Ping Ping(平平) as it expresses the wish of a peaceful future.

  23. 1) I will give a lion along with tree seeds. The lion symbolises the Lion City, and the tree seeds represents Singapore as the Garden City.

    2) I think that they mean a happy family. It could mean the starting of the great bond between both countries. I will give the names "Wo Wo" and "Men Men", which means us. It means that having this bond, 'we' can both acheive great things.

  24. 1) I would give them a sculpture of a merlion. The merlion is Singapore's icon and no other country has this as an icon. It represents Singapore like how the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower etc. reminds others of their country.

    2) I think I would name them You You (友友) and Yi Yi (谊谊) as it means friendship, between the two countries.

  25. 1) I would give them a sculpture of a merlion as it symbolises Singapore. It is also special as merlion only symbolises Singapore and not other countries.

    2) I think that Kai Kai and Jia Jia means a happy family. I think that I would name them Hao Hao (好好) and You You (友友) as it means good friends.