Thursday, August 18, 2011

English Paper 5 and 6 Synthesis and Comprehension Answers


66) Due to the heavy rain, the motorists had to slow down as they could not see well.
67) You cannot take the cake out of the oven until it turns brown.
68) No sooner had Mr Tan washed his new sports car than it started to rain.
69) The spectators were enthralled by the acrobats' stunning act.
70) Neither the girls nor that group of boys is attending the concert. OR Neither the group of boys or the girls are attending the concert.

71) He heard a rumbling sound.
72) He did not want more rocks to fall.
73) He imagined the view from the top of the mountain and convinced himself that he would be able to reach the top.
74) He looked at the position of the sun in the sky.
75) The slope at the bottom half of the mountain was gradual/more gentle but the slope at the top was steeper.
76) He did not have any mountain climbing gear and he had to hold on continuously to the mountain.
77) The word is "unease".
78) The wind could fling him off the mountain and into the ridge below.
79) It refers to the times when the wind was not blowing.
80) Climbing the mountain required skill and effort and the old couple and the young boy would not have been able to do that.

Paper Six

66) However difficult the problem sum is, I will try to solve it. / However difficult it is, I will try to solve the problem sum.
67) Neither Siti nor Nadya was happy with her seating arrangement.
68) Despite his handicap, Dr William Tan took part in several marathons.
69) Everyone in the class likes her because of her humility/ humbleness.
70) Unless you agree with your father, he will be angry with you.

71) He kept touching them in his pocket, making sure that they were still there.
72) He was excited because he could finally make his escape but was nervous about getting caught by the guard.
73) It refers to Uncle Kpee's scar.
74) He was afraid that the last key might not work and he would not be able to escape.
75) He knew that the door would squeak and that might wake the guard up.
76) It was Yewa's scream. / The sound of fighting between the writer and Yewa woke him up.
77) She went back to her bed.
78) He had died.
79) The sentence is "As I lay on the mattress, memories of Uncle Kpee flooded my mind."
80) He was too focused/concentrated on running away and trying outrun his sister's cries to pay attention to the pain.

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