Saturday, August 20, 2011

Essay Endings

Ending an essay well is just as important as starting it well. Good endings evoke an emotion, bring home certain truths that jolt one into a realisation. Craft your endings carefully so that they end with impact. Try to end your conclusion back to the introduction. 

Previously we learnt on ending with a reflection, a lesson learnt, a proverb etc. Here's some endings based on themes of stories.


  • I looked at the evening sky. It had turned into an angry red. I vowed silently that I would not be at peace until I found who had destroyed my father.
      2. REFORMED (Turned over a new leaf)
  • Ah Huat stepped into the open. The brilliant sunlight radiated warmth, and he received it gladly. He thought of Mei and Rita. Would they be there? He hoped so. He felt no more jealousy for his sister. Jealousy thwarts your actions. He basked in the sun for a while more than moved to a taxi stand nearby. He was going home. He stopped in his tracks. Home. He had never used the word before to describe 17 Holland Road. He continued to walk again, smiling to himself. There was a first time for everything.     

       3. TRAGIC DEATH
  • Ultimately, we would all see the face of death and know the paralysing power of fear. What differs is the way we encounter death and for Jane, it is just a more tragic encounter than most people.  

      4. A NEAR MISS
  • It was a terrifyingly, harrowing experience. Had it not been for the old lady who happened to sauntered past the dark alley that night, the gang would have had his head in their display cabinet. "How close", he thought, still shaking from the incident, "How close." 
  • "It's no use," Mr Sim said. "I'm a weak man who can't even will myself not to take some stupid chemical substance called nicotine." He brooded over the matter for a long time. Then he shrugged his shoulders almost indifferently. "I could try again.. Maybe I could try."
  • The late afternoon sun shone on the vast stretch of tennis courts. Coca-cola cans, packets of potato chip and plastic bottles were strewn all over the spectators' stand. In that mess, hunched a small, isolated figure against the side of the court.   

  • At last I knew and for the first time, I understood. 
  • To meet, to know, to love and to part - that's the saddest tale of human heart. 
  • When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 
  • He waved his hand saying, "See you!" but I knew he meant "Goodbye!"

  • She stared at John's back as he walked away. All this time she had imagined him to be her best and true friend, only to discover that he was making use of her. Then a horrible realisation cut through her thoughts. She had no friend. 

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