Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear P6 Graciousness,

All the best for your FINAL oral examinations for your primary school days!

Give your very best and may every single one of you excel...

Remember, chances are... you won't see the examiners ever again so don't be nervous... just do your best.

Share your views about your oral examinations here...How was your experience? How you think you fare?  :)


  1. The experience was quite scary. Saying hello or greeting people you completely never seen before feels awkward. Overall, I think I did fairly well, but not that well. This is because I made a few errors.
    Cheng Feng

  2. I was quite nervous at first but felt better after a while. The examiners were not as scary as I thought they would be. They smiled and were quite friendly. I think I did better than in Prelims.
    Yuki Ling

  3. I think it was quite fun talking to the examiners as they were really nice and were very friendly. I really enjoyed the conversation with them as I was really engrossed in talking to them. But when everyone finished the oral examination, some of my friends told me that I was reading VERY loudly and that they could hear me when they were practising. Overall, I think that I did pretty well and would stand a chance getting high marks.

  4. Well, it was quite a fun experience.

    I was extremely nervous but calmed down at the start of 'Conversation'. I stumbled over a few words in Picture Discussion and Conversation but I think I did fairly well, around the standard of my Prelims. All in all, I think I did well and would get around the same scores as the Prelims.

  5. Dear Class,

    Did you do D.I.E for all?

    What did you say about the man with the $50 and the lady at the counter?

    Able to pronounce "shudder"?

  6. I love the experience with the examiners! Although one of them kept saying 'uh-huh', 'yes', 'good idea'...

    I was quite fluent in the first few paaragraphs for reading. However, at the last sentence of the last paragraph, I hesitated at 'relieved', so I guess my reading would be the 7-8 band.
    For picture, I talked about the good hospitality at the clinic as the lady is serving her customer with a broad smile. I said that if I were the man, I would be appriaciative towards the lady and would probably give her a tip.
    Behind the counter there is a cabinet filled with bottles of medicine. It is left open. I said that the receptionist should close it because the medicine might attract pest. As a result, patients who take the infected medicine might fall ill. Is that logical/reasonable?
    Lastly, during conversation, one of the teacher kept 'interrupting' me (by saying 'yes' and so on).
    Overall, I can be sure that my marks would be ranged 21-27, but I definitely did better than my prelims.

  7. The experience was definitely better than in the prelims. The picture was easier and the reading passage was for me,rather smooth-sailing. The examiners were pleasant. I expected some stern- looking middle-aged examiner who had lots of experience in the teaching industry.My examiners were very engaged with me throughout the whole oral and they made the conversation very interactive. It was as if I was talking to my very own friend. I enjoyed speaking to them too. For the man with $50, I said that the cashier was having a bright smile and really lived up to the catchphrase, "service with a smile". Her smile would brighten up the days of the patients who are having a gloomy mood due to their illness.