Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Hurdle for Oral Practice Five

Post what you will say about the picture and conversation under comments. 

Learn from what your friends can say and share your thoughts too. Learn good vocabulary from each other. 


Ramesh’s father was hospitalized a few days back due to high fever. He was kept under observation and the doctors ran regular blood tests on him. Feeling worried about his father, Ramesh seemed out of sorts in school.

“Are you all right?” asked Lisa, Ramesh’s good friend.

Ramesh buried his face in his hands and sobbed quietly. “My father is in hospital. I don’t know what’s wrong with him but his fever doesn’t go away.”

Lisa wrapped her arms around Ramesh’s shoulder and gave him a tight squeeze. “Don’t worry, he will be fine. Why not I go with you to visit your father after school?”

Ramesh dried his tears with the back of his hands and looked at Lisa with grateful eyes before saying, “Thank you, my friend.”

CONVERSATION: Have you been to a hospital?
                              : Have you ever been ill?


  1. Conversation question should be 'Have you been TO a hospital?'

  2. This picture depicts a scene of a hospital.
    There are many visitors coming to pay visits to their family members, so I believe it is a weekend.
    In the foreground, there is a family visiting the little girl's grandfather. The family members seem to be elated as the grandfather is fine and awake. If I were the grandfather, I would feel happy as my family members has come to visit me.
    Behind them, there is a nurse who is feeding medicine to the patient. I think the nurse is a kind-hearted person. If I were the patient, I would feel at ease as I am being cared for.
    A stone's throw away from the nurse, there are a few adults, with one of their daughters,who are visiting their father. The adults are upset as their father still had not waken up from the coma he is in. If I were one of the siblings, I would feel equally as devastated as my father's life is in danger. I would also pray fervently for his recovery.
    On the bottom-right of the picture, there is nurse that has a smile plastered on her face. She seems to be extremely delighted to serve and help patients. I think we should always maintain a positive attitude like her at all times, especially when helping other people.
    In a nutshell, I think we should be caring and loving towards our family members in the hospital. They are sick, so if we shower them with love and care, they should feel better.

    Cheng Feng

  3. This picture depicts a scene of a hospital ward.

    The are many visitors milling around in the hospital ward, thus I believe it is the visiting period.

    In the background, there is a hospital bed. There are a few adults with their daughter. They are visiting their father. I can infer from their expression that they are sad as they are look at their family member. Their family member has an expressionless face and I believe he is in a coma. If I were that girl, I would be devastated as my grandfather's life is hanging by a tread. I would pray fervently that he may recover soon.

    Next to them, there is a nurse who is feeding medicine to a patient. Yet, the patient does not seem to have many visitors. If I were that patient, I will feel heartbroken. I strongly believe that his family members should spare some time to visit their loved one. This will give them moral support for them to continue to live. Thankfully, the nurse is there to care for him.

    A stone's throw away from them, there is a family visiting their family member. The patient looks fine and healthy. I presume that he is going to be discharged soon. This might explain the visitors elated faces. Their daughter has also come with them. Her hands are on the patient's lap and they are chatting animatedly. Possibly, the girl is talking to the patient about what he has missed out during the days when he was in hospital.

    Near them, there is nurse who is grinning from ear to ear. She seems to be happy to help the patients. I think we should learn from her. She takes helping the patient as a good deed and not as a chore.

    In a nutshell, I feel that whenever our loved ones are in hospital, we should visit them often. They would feel heartbroken if we do not visit them, and I strongly believe that we should take some time out from their hectic schedules to visit them.

  4. Can I ask, do we say Rameshes or just Ramesh? I am quite confused.


  5. I mean for the Ramesh's.
    So do we pronounce rameshes or just ramesh.