Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reading Aloud

  • 1)Read the text through silently to determine what the text type is and what the subject is about.    
  • For stories, read expressively.    
  • For expositions, read in an authoritative voice.
  •   For advertisements, read in a light-hearted and engaging manner. 
  • Read aloud to yourself at least four times before the actual task. This helps to reduce word recognition error and increases expression and fluency.   
    Bring your voice down at the end of a sentence. Keep your voice up when there is a question mark.

    Make sure you are comfortable before you begin to read.  
    Place the text on the table or hold it up.

    Read loud enough for the examiners to hear you.

    Read fluently, with appropriate pauses and without hesitations.

    If you trip over a word, just read it again. Stay calm.
    For words you cannot pronounce, settle on one 
    pronunciation and stick to it.
    Do not point at the words with your finger as you 
    read. Word by word reading kills the meaning sense from the text.
    If you need to keep track of what you have read, place
    your finger at the edge of the paper and move it down the page.

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